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  1. Anton Nicholas permalink

    Hey Knights this is an aspiring author Anton Nicholas all the way from the country side biche. Let me see if I could summarise this, I am a twin and my brother already published in 2009, right now his other manuscript is the publishing phase, but his genre of fiction is educational fiction. Coming to me now I am currently writing a mammoth 300+ page fantasy fiction, hope it doesn’t cross 400 with small 1.5 line spacing. I like your style of writing and right now I am seeing at least eight thousand dollars to get my manuscript copy edited abroad before I try my luck at………traditional publishers and independent publishers. Did you know there are independent publishers that take first time manuscripts without any agent needed? anyway can you help me source someone in Trinidad that could do copy editing for me to cut down on that 8 thousand. I have a degree in behavioural sciences, 25 years and unemployed recently………..finishing a mammoth book!

    • Hi Anton. It’s good to meet another fantasy author from Trinidad. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I do know that there are independent publishers that take manuscripts without an agent, but so far, I have only found 2 who are interested in fantasy: Tor Books and DAW. I intend to pitch my manuscript to them when it’s ready. I will email you some information that may be useful for your copy editing. Thanks for stopping by and Good luck with your mammoth book. Keep me posted on its status and when I can read it.

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