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Fake Your Writing Till You Make It

January 25, 2013
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

So you’ve started writing your first novel, or maybe you made it through all the drafts, all the sleepless nights, and you’re finally finished.

You’re proud, given yourself a pat on the back, and you’re smiling at everyone for what appears to be no reason.

Then you remember something: you haven’t told anybody.

You’re itching to tell someone about your work in progress, or your finished manuscript, but you’re worried about how they will react.

After all, you’re no writer, you’ve never published anything, you never even did a creative writing course. Heck, you barely even passed English in school.

With all these negatives, you’re writing is sure to be ridiculed, right?


Every writer goes through these thoughts when they try their first article or novel.

So what’s the answer when you have no experience, no references, and your only background is your ideas?

Fake it till you make it.

Recently I went with a friend to buy some work shirts, and she picked out these really bright orange and pink colours, insisting how good I would look in them.

But why would I wear such outrageous colours? I’m not a supermodel, I’m not a celebrity.

Even with all these doubts, I bought them anyway.

The next week when I wore my bright orange shirt to work, I was very self-conscious. I was already out the door when I went back inside and looked in the mirror. I thought, what I’m I doing? This is just too much.

But then I told myself, let me try and see what the world thinks.

I can’t begin to tell you how much looks and comments I got.

And it turns out I was still wearing it wrong. My friend tells me to pull the top button so I can look the part. After much thinking, I said, why not.

By lunch time, I was not even aware of what I had on, reminded only by the complements. I was strolling down the corridor thinking, look out, here comes the sexy Mr. Knights.

See what I did.

I faked the look till I owned it. And you can do the same thing with writing.

I’ve never taken a writing class, I have no published books, and even the most unsold author on Amazon doesn’t know my name. Yet here I am writing articles like if I’ve been doing this for years.

I’ve written articles on topics like suspense, romance, and encouragement.

I’m faking it so much that I’m starting to fool myself. Even my friends are wondering who’s really doing the writing here.

So write on, and tell everyone what you’re doing. Your writing will get better, people will mistake you for the writer you truly are, and that book will get published.

Now if only I could muster enough courage to wear that pink shirt…

So what do you think about faking your writing till you make it? Let me know in the comments. And if you haven’t already, click here to read The Grave Robber, this month’s trailer of my latest book, King Larsen.


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  1. I’ve been faking it for so long I forgot I was faking. 🙂

    • That’s great Jack. Looks like we both have been doing a good job at faking it.

  2. Carrol Mohamed permalink

    Go brave…wear that damn pink shirt!!!…I can totally relate to your article…note this also…alot of successful people who come form very humble beginnings emulated their role models (speech, deportment, drive for sucess etc) and were able to themselves become famous…

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