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Inspiration Knows No Home

September 14, 2012

So I was watching Expendables 2 the other day, a movie about superlative men doing all the things that us normal men have always wanted to do.

Even if you have blisters from throwing barbeques every weekend, or drive a tank to your construction site, you wouldn’t be manlier than these guys.

And the strange thing is, I actually found they turned down the testosterone a notch from part 1. Both great movies though. Ladies, if you’re a Tyler Perry fan, then you owe it to your man to watch these movies with him. They are the exact opposite.

Anyway, there was a scene where these guys are flying home in their family plane and this really old song was on the stereo, a song that I use to hear a lot as a child and really liked, but forgot all about.

Hearing it again really got me thinking about the character in the song, and tapping my feet. Now that I’m grown and know what to do when I’m inspired, I was able to draft up a whole new story from it, a book that will definitely be written sometime after I’m finished with my current one.

This is another example of how inspiration can come anytime and anywhere. It really has no home.

Inspiration like this has happened to many great authors. I read an article recently that J. R. R. Tolkien was inspired to write The Hobbit when he came across a blank paper while marking student exams (now that’s brilliance).

If you’re wondering, the name of the song is Dion the Wanderer. It’s basically about a guy who most women will call a dog, and most guys will nod their heads… in disapproval, of course.

This song has so much flare that it just makes you want to polish up that old Datsun in the garage and cruise. Check it out in the youtube video below (or click here).

Dion the Wanderer, nuff said.

What do you think about this song? Do any ideas come to mind when you hear it, or do you have a similar inspiration example? Let me know in your comments. And don’t forget to check out this week’s trailer of King Larsen.


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  1. Keisha K permalink

    You just couldn’t help yourself huh, more homework….. 🙂

  2. Yvonne permalink

    You’re right, the guy is a dog. Nothing to boast of there. Great writing though. Interesting thoughts.

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