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August 9, 2012

When I first started telling people I was writing a novel, everyone seemed fascinated with the fact that I had a story to tell. One girl even said she felt I stole the story.

I wondered about this, because telling a story always came natural to me. But how many people can say that? I asked a couple of friends if they were given the opportunity to write a novel, what would they write about. Everyone gave me the same answer, they just didn’t know.

I am sure we all have stories to tell, whether about past experiences or dreams. This implies anyone can write a novel, so what’s the hold up?

In the world of writing, there is a concept called writers’ block. It is defined as a condition where an author loses the ability to write. Since we are all authors, anyone can get writers’ block. So what’s the solution?

We need to be inspired. I read an interesting article about this. My first book was inspired by a great game I played several years ago. I took one concept and, so it can’t be said I stole it, added my own flavour. But inspiration can come from anywhere: a song, a movie, a sunset, a forest, a good or bad day.

So if you ever thought of writing a novel but just didn’t know what to write, get over your block by enjoying daily wonders. Listen to great music, look at spectacular things, and the ideas might just come racing in. Try it and see what happens.

If nothing still comes to mind, then stay tuned for my next post where I will come forward with some more of my inspiration examples. And don’t forget to check out my latest trailer of King Larsen, and leave your comments.


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  1. Dre permalink

    so far so good ge, hope you stay inspired and creative.

  2. Chris permalink

    Gee boy, you sounding like Confucius… we should call you Gefucius

  3. Carrol Mohamed permalink

    As I’m reading your blog I’m thinking about the numerous times I told myself after having these very imaginative dreams “if it were a movie, I’ll make millions”….hmmm…now there’s an idea….writing a movie script…ever thought about that?

    • I have thought about several movie scripts. And while I’m sure those guys in Hollywood would be mad to reject my ideas, I’ll start with a couple of books first to get my name out in the world. But I know exactly what you mean.

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