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First Post

July 16, 2012

This blog will mostly be dedicated to my book ideas.

However, I may take a break to mention any interesting topics that I overheard.

I actually have eight books that I would like to write, one of them already started.

I will try to post to this blog twice a week, tentatively Tuesdays and Fridays. A post for a book will only be done at the 2nd draft stage and will consist of story clips from different areas in the book, similar to a movie trailer, except written.

Hopefully readers will be interested in seeing more and can leave their comments. Ultimately, I will be trying to get an agent and a publisher  for my books. The trailers for my first book, King Larsen, should start in November so stay tuned.


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  1. narina permalink

    Can’t wait to give it a good read…sounds great

  2. Chris permalink

    Looking forward to the book buddy. You is the next J.K Rowlings.

  3. Christopher Francique permalink

    Hmmm, Mr Knight I am seeing great things for your future my friend. I wish to say that I hope you achieve the success that you desire and let not the world describe the success that you should have but rather decide upon what goals you hope to acquire. All the best!

  4. Carrol Mohamed permalink

    Hey..try J.K. Knights as the “author name”…lots of authors e.g. stephen king used other names for short stories they published. Looking forward to a great read!!!

    • Using another name is a good idea, but I’m still thinking about what to use. J. K. Knights is cool. I was also thinking about J. K. World…

      • Carrol Mohamed permalink

        J.K. Knights sounds regal…J K World..hmmm..a little forced…if I was in a me..JK Knights stands out!!! I wasn’t following the earlier posts but did u give a synopsis of what the book is about…I read a trailer..but hard to follow because I don’t know the storyline.

      • The trailers are really just to capture your interest. I’m still working on a good synopsis and I will post when its ready. But for now, you can check for a real simple description on the King Larsen about page. I will definitely keep J K Knights in mind, thanks.

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